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Can Everton get a Champions League spot?

After one of the best starts in years, Everton football club are doing very well in the Premier League. David Moyes has them playing some wonderful football and it's great to see them playing for each other.

   It's nice to see a club that hasn't spent a hundred million pounds up there with the 'big boys'. A lot of credit has to go to the Manager and the coaching staff for them playing so well; but how long will it last?


   I would love to see Everton get a Champions League spot but my fear is the squad isn't good enough. I'm not saying the first eleven to fifteen aren't; I think the squad overall isn't good enough. I really hope I'm wrong!

   The football they play is delightful to watch but after thirty eight games in the league and a good cup run the squad will be tired and have injuries.

   The Manager is in his second decade with the club and his appetite for success is still huge! It's a winning mentality that has rubbed off on his players and staff and of course to the fans.

   I'd love to see Everton in the Champions League but I think it's a step too far; but I have been wrong before!





Joey Barton; Should he play for QPR again?

   Joseph Barton as he likes to be called on twitter, let his club and the fans of Queens Park Rangers down on the last day of last season when he 'lost the plot'. Carlos Tevez knew what he was doing, having a go at a player with a short temper and true to form Joey snapped!

   The FA and Queens Park Rangers had to be seen to be doing something; a twelve game ban was followed by a fine and the Captain's armband was taken away. The club didn't want him around and he has been loaned to French side Marseille where it would seem he's calmed down a little.

     The question is should QPR take him back into the team in January?

   If there was ever a player that was 'marmite' it's Joey Barton! He is hated as much as he is loved and that's by QPR fans! He was booed off against Liverpool last season when his team were two nil down to Liverpool; remarkably they won the game by three goals to two with Barton watching from the side.


  QPR look like a team of strangers and some fans want Barton back to show the players that are there what passion really means; getting stuck in instead of watching. We all know Joey likes a good tackle!

    What reception would he get from the Loftus Road faithful?

  I would think it would be very mixed; boos and cheers at the same time! The one job he could do at Christmas is the pantomime villian! The one thing that can be said is he raises to the boos and cheers and tries to use it as a positive in his game. 

   The thing that will always be questioned is his temper and how he fails time and time again to hold it! At thirty years old he should be able to count to ten or just walk away; he'd rather get the first punch in and ask questions later.

   I suppose the real question should be does he want to play for QPR again? 

Only he can answer that and we'll find out soon enough. For now we wish Joseph Barton well and look forward to seeing him back in English football. Who he will play for is another thing!



 Crystal Palace make the signing of the season!

The South London club had one of the best young Managers in the country until Bolton Wanderers tempted him away; they may have got an even better Manager in Ian Holloway!

   Holloway has a zest for the game that both players and fans feel; a real passion for the game! The work put in by Dougie Freedman and his coaching staff must be a dream for Bristol born Holloway.


  He is one of the game's best characters; sometimes he really let's his head rule his heart but it shows he's human. Above all he knows the game of football inside out and if Palace are not in at least the play-offs then Holloway has done something wrong!

  We wish both Freedman and Holloway the best of luck in there new jobs.